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FluEnd capsules

410, 2016

FluEnd syrup – Helps YOU make yourself better

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In cold and flu, we must help our body to fight against the virus, specifically potentiate the immune system in its fight to control and remove viral infection. When our Research & Development department was tasked to propose the best product, we considered the most natural active substances available.

3108, 2016


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Excessive consumption of cold and flu medication without consulting your doctor or pharmacist is not recommended because the unpleasant effects can sometimes exceed the desired therapeutic results. Most often, treatment for cold and flu is symptomatic and addressed the manifestations of the disease, with no effect on the cause, the viruses. In addition to symptomatic treatment, the body should be helped to fight the viruses.

1103, 2016

Zinc – miracle treatment for colds

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Zinc is involved in many metabolic processes, is a mineral involved in stimulating the immune system, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis and cell division.