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Take care of your child!

Take care of your child!



Your child needs simultaneously healthy food, attention, care, warmth, stimulation, trust, patience, but also an environment in which to develop.

Breastfeeding has an important role in the healthy development of your baby. Lactation period should last at least until the age of 6 months of baby’s. In addition to breast milk is irreplaceable food for baby, breastfeeding is also beneficial for the mother. Breastfeeding complications such as painful nipples, mastitis, breast tenderness, blocking the milk ducts, nipples, decreased milk production, flow reflex breasts, breast abscess, etc., can make you give up and decide to feed your little one with bottle.


Choosing bottle can be a difficult one, given the variety of products offered, but also the care that we must have against potential problems that could arise: colic, flatulence, regurgitation.

               Sun Wave Child takes care of your child!


Bottle has an anti-colic system with triple ventilation, which improves sucking, allowing a balanced flow of fluid with minimal suction. It is innovative, safe, hygienic and comfortable allowing all volume ventilation in the bottle and ensuring a free flow of fluid without the possibility of forming a vacuum.

Indoor ventilation system allows air into the bottle and its targeting using ventilation tube in the area over milk, avoiding it. Vertical strips of silicon located inside the teat, strengthens its structure and does not allow flattening them during feeding. During feeding, air intake is minimized thus prevented the occurrence of colic, flatulence and belching of.


The material it is made of bottle is easy to clean, safe and of the highest quality, containing no BPA.

When breastfeeding is not an option, Sun Wave Child provides you with the ideal solution and innovative new style wich can prevent complications associated with the new life style of your little baby.