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Taking probiotics is very important in antibiotic treatments!

Taking probiotics is very important in antibiotic treatments!


The term “probiotics” was created, in opposition to the “antibiotics” in 1953, by Werner Kollath  who defined it as microbial factors, able to stimulate the growth and development of other microorganisms. Since 1989, Roy Fuller emphasized the beneficial effects that they have on human health.

Scientific consensus attributes the following benefits of probiotics: inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria or invasion; improves intestinal barrier function; contributes to the modulation of the immune system; contributes to the modulation of the perception of pain (some strains of Lactobacillus, increases the expression of receptors, and mediate the functions of the intestinal analgesic in a manner similar to the effect of morphine)

There are many factors due to which probiotics are so important, but one of the most important indicator is that, they are developing strains of bacteria that can secrete immuno-modulators substances (such as interleukin IL-10) having a direct influence on the immune system.

Probiotic products’s efficiency is easy to guess, but the challenge of making them is to find the probiotics form that will be in  a  perfect symbiosis with the human intestinal flora.

Bio-Sun Series, with a 75 years of Japanese experience  proves this symbiosis by restoring intestinal flora, through the multiplication of each individual’s specific bacteria.