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Why talk about children’s immunity in July?

Why talk about children’s immunity in July?


It is normal that when we talk about children immunity, to have in mind in particular, respiratory virosis. It is also true that these disorders and care for them occur only in winter, or at the earliest in summer – autumn, when we are dealing with variations in temperature or re-entry into the community.

The immunity system is made of the total amount of cells, molecules and mechanism involved in the defense and maintenance process of the body’s integrity. Therefore he has a role to recognize, attack and destroy but also to learn each type of pathogenic agent that enters the organism.

With a strong immunity system, we can spare them from the unpleasant effects of the cold season when, temperature drops cause repeated respiratory infections.

For this, we need start the immunity schedule since August.


Solution? … Imunice Forte

It’s a imunomodulator syrup, 100% natural, specialy designed to build up children’s imunity.

The syrup’s composing plants have a rich content of Vitamin C and a strong antioxidant effect. Alos IMUNICE FORTE contains plants that have an antiseptic and antiinflamatory effect, with active principles that increase infection resistance. IMUNICE FORTE has a proven effect in increasing the imun answer, through activating the body’s specific and non specific defense mechanisms.