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The first months of a new life

The first months of a new life


When breastfeeding is no longer an option, milk powder formulas carefully chosen together with the specialist, will necessarily become the solution for feeding the baby. At this time we should take an important decision : how and what we give to eat to our baby?

Sun Wave Pharma launches Sun Wave Child : an innovative safe, hygienic and comfortable feeding for babies, preferred by parents.

The system allows ventilation during bottle volume, providing a free flow of the liquid without the possibility of vacuum forming. Therefore air passing through the nipple is not made by the volume of liquid. This bottle has a unique anti-colic system with triple ventilation, which improves feeding, allowing a balanced flow of fluid with a minimum effort.

After 6 months, infants experiencing food diversification. Semi-solid foods will complement the diet with milk used until then. Gradually, around the age of 9 months, some solid foods are introduced. With the start of the diversify diet, appears the need to procure appropriate containers of each type of food.

Therefore, the “Specialist” Sun  Wave Child comes to help you with : bowls, training cups, spoons, teething toys, cleaning brush, microwave sterilizer, sterilizer, warmer, breast pump, all adapted to the demands of babies and parentsinnovation through research and made of safe  hight-quality materials -does not contain BPA.