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The importance of calcium salts in osteoporosis

The importance of calcium salts in osteoporosis


After age 30, men and women start to lose bone mass naturally. Slow bone loss prevention and prevention of osteoporosis can be made through a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D intake and  is especially important for women in the early years after menopause, when bone loss is done in a faster rhythm  .

Most people  get only half of the needed calcium from food. If calcium intake from food is not enough , you have turned to supplements of calcium and vitamin D the body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium . If the diagnosis of osteoporosis , calcium and vitamin D supplements should be used in addition to other medications prescribed by a specialist .

Calcium is added to foods , such as :

– Dairy products like yogurt or milk
– Calcium-fortified orange juice ( fortified ) and many vegetables.

Types of calcium include:

– Calcium carbonate , containing 40 % elemental calcium 
– Calcium citrate , which contains 21 % of calcium ion .
Although it contains a smaller amount of calcium ion than calcium carbonate, calcium citrate is more easily digested and does not cause constipation as frequently as other types of calcium supplements
Calcium gluconate or calcium lactate , containing a small amount of calcium ion .
Hydroxyapatite essential element found naturally  in bone structure

These calcium supplements should be administered in the number of tablets to meet the daily requirement of calcium recommended for age and health status.

 4 Bones Contains: 

  • 4 calcium salts for covering all age groups.
  • 4 Bones also contains stabilized Vitamin D which  ensures maximum absorption of calcium salts.

 Magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc –   strengthens  the bones and helps for a proper assimilation of calcium.