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Thistle (Milk thistle Or thistle) is a plant that grows and therapeutic effects in our country, the special Dobrogea. Pianta thistle is used more than 2,000 years of herbal version liver and gallbladder diseases treatment.

Milk thistle seeds are used in the form of natural extract in the treatment of liver diseases due to the high content of silymarin. The antioxidant can reduce inflammation of the liver and can increase the production of anti-cancer compounds in the body. Silymarin has numerous clinical trials involving over 4,000 patients.

Esentin® Forte contains extract silymarin 25: 1, which ensures high efficiency.

Extract 25: 1 means that 1 g of extract was obtained from 25 g of the plant (seeds). Thus, the extract of Esentin® Forte is more than 6 times more concentrated than the extract 4: 1 in products containing silymarin.

ESENTIN® FORTE – the perfect synergy

ESENTIN® FORTE is the association between silymarin unique and essential phospholipids most studied and effective therapies liver synergistic.

Directions: Take one capsule two times a day