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To prevent is always easier than to correct

To prevent is always easier than to correct


The face is our business card – any change in hydration or any imperfection is perceived even unconsciously by our interlocutor, influencing his or her social response.

Until recently only a problem of teenagers, acne strikes today relentlessly even adults over 40 years but unfortunately also children less than 10 years of age. Caloric unbalanced diet (too many calories per portion resulting from excess carbohydrates and fat) synthetic food hormones, pollution, stress, all contribute to the transformation of our sebaceous glands in androgen producing factories. And here’s how from the famous “T” area of the adolescent acne we come to “Uā€ area of the adult.

How to care for acne skin?

The first and simplest measure, the one with the most obvious results with almost no effort, is washing/cleaning the face.

What effect should have a washing agent on acne skin?

It should remove excess sebum rather gentle and more importantly, it should clean your pores from comedones. What do we recommend?

For those with oily and more resistant skin – foaming gels, but for those with oily skin already sensitized by aggressive treatments – softer foam-type products. It has been shown that the simple step to properly clean the face twice a day leads to relief of mild acne in average by 30-40%.

The second measure ā€“ using an active and adequate cream to calm and reduce the appearance of oily skin.

An important aspect is to camouflage the lesions; they should follow a golden rule: all the products used for this purpose should not be comedogenic. And last but not least appropriate systemic treatment that is not aggressive for the skin, but able to cope with all the factors that cause acne.