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Vitamin C – an essential nutrient of life

Vitamin C – an essential nutrient of life


Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid as it is called, is one of the most popular antioxidant vitamins and is an exceptional braking that actively contribute to degenerative processes in the body.

Vitamin C is part of a water-soluble vitamins (soluble in water), so it eliminates large amounts in the body and he did not synthesize their own vitamin C can and needs to procure from food and other sources. The daily dose advised that vitamin C is 60 mg.

Vitamin C is indispensable for increasing the production of collagen, a protein essential to the human body, which contributes to maintenance of tissues, ligaments, cartilage and tendon.

Ascorbic acid helps administered argued:

  • Functionarea normal immune system, providing body resistance against infections, increase and maintain physical efficiency.
  • Participating in the adrenal hormones.
  • Prevents wear cell, slowing the aging process, has a role to balance the body is necessary in the metabolism of calcium and other minerals.
  • The powerful combination of Muvon (vitamin C, collagen type II and glucosamine) improves mobility and flexibility of joints, Muvon being considered as a supplement to maintain healthy cartilage and improving the flexibility of joints, but also against premature skin aging, which can be administered long life


  • Peptide de colagen – 9,087 g
  • Glucozamină  – 450 mg
  • Vitamina C  – 62 mg

 Administration :

• Oral – 1 sachet per day. One sachet dissolved in 200ml warm water and consumed immediately.