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Vitamin K2 is a much needed nutrient

Vitamin K2 is a much needed nutrient


Vitamin K2 is a much needed nutrient that plays a great variety of roles in the human body.

Vitamin K is a family of fat soluble vitamins that occur naturally in the form of vitamin K1 (phylloquinone) and vitamin K2 (menaquinone).

Vitamin K2 is mainly produced by intestinal bacteria or by the conversion from dietary vitamin K1. These two mechanisms of K2 production do not provide sufficient amounts of vitamin K2 for optimal health. We need to take in preformed vitamin K2 in our diets to keep healthy. Vitamin K2 is mainly found in meat, egg yolk, liver, butter, hard cheese, soft cheese and natto.


Despite the fact that is many food sources of vitamin K2, supplementation is needed to aid the body in optimizing health.

Vitamin K2 deficiency can have detrimental effects on the body. A shortage of vitamin K2 may cause imbalances in calcium binding as the functions of K2-dependent proteins are hampered when there is a short supply of vitamin K2. This may result in conditions like atherosclerosis, diabetes, Chron’s disease and kidney disease. Dental problems and wrinkles can also be caused by deficiencies of K2. It is speculated that elderly women and new born babies are especially at risk for K2 deficiency.


The key health benefits of vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is a versatile vitamin that has many functions the human body of which the most popular is its involvement in blood coagulation. It is needed for the normal clotting of blood, in other words to prevent excessive bleeding.


K2 may furthermore be beneficial for heart health and bone health.

Studies have shown that vitamin K2 could be beneficial in the prevention of heart disease as it is speculated that menaquinone 7 has beneficial effects on age-related artery stiffening.  Furthermore it is possible that vitamin K2 can hamper the progression of atherosclerosis, which is a leading factor in heart disease.


Vitamin K2 may play a large role in bone formation and maintenance. Osteocalcin is the second most abundant protein found in bones and teeth. Vitamin K2 is needed to activate osteocalcin so that it can bind to calcium. This shows how important vitamin K2 is for developing bones and teeth and also how it is needed to keep teeth and bones healthy.


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Each tablet contains:

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