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Vitamins are essential for metabolism and immune system.

Symptoms of vitamins deficiency are manifested by fatigue, confusion, increased heart rate, insomnia and severe gastrointestinal problems.

The vitamins and minerals contained by fruits and vegetables have dropped dramatically in recent years and the downward trend is still alarming.

Dietary supplements are the solution to complete the normal diet, and then it is good to seek those obtained from natural sources.

Vitamins do not get you fat and do not grow the appetite, but help the body to restore vitality that support the complex activities which require nutrients.

Sun Health Effervescents range is the most complete source of vitamins and minerals.

The tablets from the range Sun Health Effervescents grow the absorption of the active ingredients compared with conventional formulations, thereby achieving a rapid effect.

Each form of the Sun Health Effervescents range can be administered to all patient groups including the one’s with special needs, because all products in the range are:

  • No sugar
  • No lactose
  • No gluten


An effervescent tablet from Sun Health Effervescents range per day provides daily requirement of essential vitamins and minerals, for a life full of effervescence.