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You want a quiet vacation? Beware of otitis!

You want a quiet vacation? Beware of otitis!


One of the most common causes of otolaryngology consultation requested in the summer, is constituted by earache.

Otitis externa is an inflammation of the ear that causes severe pain, the initial batch and then, continued and increased overnight and touch; pain can extend to areas around the ear.

The most common symptoms of otitis externa are, besides pain, clogged ear, decreased hearing and appearance of secretions.

The main factors favoring the emergence of external otitis, are:

  • Washing with soap or shampoo in your ear,
  • Swimming with the head under water and any water sport,
  • Using cotton sticks.

Moisture in the ear canal allows the invasion of bacteria and fungi, which leads to clogging with ear wax plug and very soon the occurrence of otitis. Therefore, we must manage the correct treatment – it depends on the evolution of otitis.

The solution comes from SunWave Pharma Company, through OticSun product – launched this year. OticSun is composed by plant oils, known for its beneficial therapeutic effects and is recommended to prevent and improve common diseases of the ears. It is recommended in pain, infection, irritation of the ear and accumulation of cerumen, having triple action: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

The mode of administration gives the product a maximum compliance: 1-2 puffs 3 times daily, as needed.