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Wax cap – frequent ear problem

Wax cap – frequent ear problem


Wax (Cerumen) is a substance secreted from external ear, with role to protect. Wax contains an antibacterial substance that can hold foreign bodies entering the eye (dust, small insects, etc.).

Wax plug is formed by shoving frequent (daily) wax with hygienesticks, wearing hearing aids, wearing headphones, etc.


Often, wax plug has no symptoms, being discovered by chance, in routine clinical examination. There are times that appears decrease auditory (ear clogging) autophony (unusually loud hearing of a person’s own voice), hearing different noises (ringing, whizzing, crackling), feeling the presence of a foreign body, dizziness and pain.


Once diagnosed, wax plug should be removed by your audiologist, using different methods.

Subsequently, it is essential to prevent the formation of new wax plugs that can produce injuries outer ear and eardrum perforation.


Avoid wax plugs, by using earspray, ideal for maintaining hygiene.


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OticSun is recommended for pain, infection, irritation to the ear and accumulation of cerumen.

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