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We must have in mind the side effects of synthetic drugs!

We must have in mind the side effects of synthetic drugs!


Administration of drugs in children occupies an important place in terms of liver damage in acute intoxications, less involved being the industrial substances.

Hepatotoxicity may be determined by a large number of chemical or biological substances. They identified over 900 drugs that can affect the liver. Liver damage may be the drug’s only clinical manifestation but may be accompanied by damage to other organs – such as the kidney – or systemic manifestations.

It is estimated that 5-10% of acute hepatitis are caused by drugs. Their prevalence is not known precisely because they are often diagnosed late and with difficulty.

The reason why most drugs were removed from human use is because they triggered liver lesions.

The liver is the organ that deals with the detoxification process. It is designed to filter and detoxify on average two liters of blood per minute. Overstressing it by accumulating toxins from both dietary and synthetic medication treatments may affect the hepatic function which also plays an important role in digestion, blood clotting, enzyme synthesis, and in the normal carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism.

In conclusion, protecting liver function in such circumstances and not only is of great importance to maintain the health of the entire human body. 

Hepaid Juniorthe eight standardized natural extracts have proven liver protective action against hepato-toxins (drugs, hepatic viruses, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.).Hepaid Junioreffectively acts to improve liver function and stimulates recovery of the hepatic parenchyma in children with this kind of diseases (acute or chronic hepatitis, liver-toxic drug treatments).

Hepaid Juniorhas an important role in increasing the detoxification action by activating liver enzymes, relieves symptoms related to liver dysfunctionsuch as jaundice, hepatomegaly, decreased appetite, anorexia, fatigue, facilitates rapid elimination of toxic metabolites and relieves abdominal pain and promotes gas discharge.