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Wild chestnut tree, a ‘deposit’ health

Wild chestnut tree, a ‘deposit’ health


Prescribed even by Hippocrates

Used for thousands of years as food passes through which the body well capricious winter periods, chestnut was recommended by Hippocrates successful in its ancient recipes, but also appeared on the list of over 600 plants and fruit healing powers of the Greek Dioscorides . Horse chestnut seed preparations are effective remedies to prevent and fight many diseases as varicose veins, phlebitis, thrombosis, varicose leg ulcers, painful cramps, lymphatic and venous insufficiency, and hemorrhoids. Also increase the tone fragile capillaries and helps in healing hematoma, bruising and sprains.
Chestnut is also rich in vitamins B1 and B2 and contains vitamin C in the same amount as citrus, 50 mg per 100 g of the core, and also a great amount of starch, well supported especially by those suffering from stomach ache.

Chestnut extracts boost blood flow. Peeled chestnuts, dried and ground hide unsuspected qualities healing, presenting anti-inflammatory properties, vasodilators, phlebotonic, edematous, anticoagulants and expedite blood, decongestant, haemostatic and anti-exudative vein. These properties are due mainly Escin content, coumarins and flavonoids. It works with direct effects in venous disease and strengthens fragile capillary walls.
French researchers have shown that pure Escin acts against edema and inflammation, enhance blood flow through arteries and veins, increases the pressure resistance of blood vessels and decreases capillary permeability. In addition, Escin relieves rheumatic attacks and sciatic pain, spondylosis and spinal disc herniation. A special effect was found in protecting the body against free radical damage, cancer and heart disease involved in.
It is also found beneficial effects in the treatment of hemorrhoids, a thrombophlebitis, varicose veins and some skin diseases. Esculoside from the bark of branches increases vascular resistance and decreases the permeability of capillary walls. In addition, it has the property of absorbing ultraviolet radiation type B which can cause erythema. Recent experiments have shown that the esculoside has best effects in treatments for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, as well as prostate hypertrophy, easing urination.
All these benefits can be found in Endolex Forte, an excellent venotonic and vasculoprotective.
It is rapidly absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and it does not cause stomach pain.


  • Helps normal functioning of veins, capillaries and lymphatic vessels
  • Helps maintain normal tone of vascular

Direction to use:

  • 1 capsule daily.