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Winter is the season of joy!!!

Winter is the season of joy!!!


Takingcare of ourselvesandthose close tous can beone stepcloser tohealthand happiness.How aboutwe decideto be morecareful with usDuring the winter seasonevery oneof usshould useaskincareritualifwe valueour own health.

Dry skin is our major concern during the cold season.  Due to very low temperatures, dryer air and decreased humidity the human skin becomes drier, faded and even irritated.

During this period, the body areas most exposed to cold are the hands and face. Hands become rough, the dry skin becomes thickened, it turns red and cracks. Because of all of this, we may experience itching and burning skin sensation. The suffering skin wrinkles and leads to greater discomfort.

Before leaving the house we recommend applying a cream moisturizer for the face area – Sun Renaissance that will maintain the skin moisture even when exposing to cold and wind, and protect us from environmental aggressions.

Sun Wave Pharma can offer you the entirerange for your skin care, covering all the needs of allwomen whodareto livebeautifully.