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Your ally in front of migraine ! MIGROLIN PLUS

Your ally in front of migraine ! MIGROLIN PLUS



6-8% of men populations and 12-14% from women suffer from migraine. The lengh of a migraine attack can lead up to 18h unless proper treatment is in place, and the average frequencly is one attack / month. Simptoms of migraine can sometimes include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, sensisitivity to noises, while pan can be amplified by physical activity.

Till one third of population perceives an aura a visual, sensitive, motoric passing disturb, that signalizes the initialization of pain. It is considered that migraines are determined by genetics and environment factors. Hormon disturbances can also affect the patients as a higher number of women are impacted than in case of men. Usualy pregnancy decreases the risk of maigraine at a woman. In treating migraine, it is initially recommneded for a patient to take analgesics in order to diminish pain and antiemetics in order to diminish the unpleasant sensation of nauses or vomiting.

More than 10% of the population suffers from migraine at a certain point in life. Now nature brings out a new innovative therapeutic concept in fighting migraine, that can successfully replace analgesics, medicines that people take in order to calm down the pain or anti-emetics, medicines that people take in order to improve symptoms like nauses ad vomiting.

Migrolin Plus –a plus of eficiency in treating migraine

With 3 natural active principles in its composition, Migrolin Plus reduces duration, intensity and frequency of migraine attacks. Its formula is easy to administer, very well tolerated and has proven its efficacy in treating migraine.

Extract of Salix Alba

  • Reduces frequency ,intensity & Duration of migraine episodes / attacks
  • Clinically proven analgesic properties correlated to a Gastrointestinal safety profile superior to salicylic acid

Extract of Valeriana walichii

  • Acts primarily on GABAergic neurons, including here the interneurons that help regulate pain transmission signals in the CNS

The extract ofTanacetum parthenium

  • Acts synergic to reduce inflamation : decreasing platlet agregation  and modulates vasoconstriction


  • Extract of Salix Alba
  • Extract of Valeriana walichii:
  • Extractul de Tanacetum parthenium


  • Improving headache and symptoms associated to migraine
  • Decreases up to 762% the duration of the migraine attack
  • Decreases up to 61.7% the frequency of migraine attacks
  • First line therapy for hypertensive patients with cardiovascular risk factors
  • First line migraine therapy for patients with cerebrovascular diseases
  • Ideal treatment for young people over solicited and stressed