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Zinc – miracle treatment for colds

Zinc – miracle treatment for colds


Zinc is involved in many metabolic processes, is a mineral involved in stimulating the immune system, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis and cell division.

Present in almost all cells, together with Selenium, Zinc is a powerful antioxidant. Is vital for our health, defense function of the human body depends largely on the level of zinc.

Being present in the composition of FluEnd capsules, in a quantity of 12 mg, Zinc provides 120% of the recommended daily dose. Has an antiviral action, by improving the mucous membranes, preventing penetration and fixing viruses. Zinc shortens the duration of colds by 50%. Zinc has a beneficial and varied action that is sustained by Vitamin C in the FluEnd capsu les. It works as a stimulating factor for zinc and increases efficiency.

Along with Vitamin C and zinc, FluEnd capsules contains five natural elements that act synergistically for the normal functioning of the immune system and respiratory system.

FluEnd – Defeats Cold, Naturally and Safely