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02-04.10.2015 Pharma Practic Conferences

  • 02/10/2015 - 04/10/2015
  • 02-04.10.2015 Pharma Practic Conferences

  • The Regional Houston Pharma Practic began in October and SunWave Pharma Company, through its Pharmacy team, was among the main sponsors.

    In the two days of the conference, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants could listen to our two brand presentations – FluEnd and SunVita Gold – products with high addressability, especially during time of year. FluEnd is the correct and complete solution against all of the most common symptoms of respiratory infections, and participants were glad to know that this range is joined by a new product, FluEnd Extreme, which everyone tested at the stand.

    Sun Vita Gold Product presentation was very well received by the public, vitamin and minerals deficit in your diet, but also the need to supplement them, being topical issues. Conferences were held in Gura Humorului and Eforie Nord, both having the wanted success: we informed our partners about the latest products in our portfolio; we strengthened existing relationships and developed new ones that allow us possible future collaborations. Our team was exemplary: well-trained and charged with positive energy and exceptional quality promotional materials that were distributed to all the 200 participants in each edition.