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05.08.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 25

  • 05/08/2016
  • 05.08.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 25

  • Sun Pharma Wave celebrated Friday, 08.05.2016 more than 2 years of the Availability National Program.

    This 25th Campaign of the National Program Availability Sun Wave Pharma was dedicated to the Brand Altrifer, the liposomal iron.

    According to the World Health Organization percentage of iron deficiency in our country is worrying, and therefore we deliver a Unique Product in Romania, Altrifer LDS – Perfect No. 1 Oral Iron.

    Altrifer LDS – succeeds thanks liposomal transport system, to provide maximum bioavailability and remove all side effects: bad taste, diarrhea or constipation!

    Altrifer LDS is available in 3 forms: Altrifer LDS capsules for adults, Altrifer Junior -up to 3 years, Altrifer Syrup – for children’s after 3 years and provides the iron supplements for every day.