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06.05.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 22

  • 06/05/2016
  • 06.05.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 22

  • The 22th stage of the  National Disponibility Program Sun Wave Pharma is dedicated to urinary tract infections.

    Urinary tract infections are almost impossible to avoid because they emerge due to multiple factors: hygiene, local interventions , postoperative probing , age, disorders of microbial flora.

    Urisan represents  the Standard Procedure of Antibiotics Asociated Tratament in All Urinary tract infections, because it acts complementary to antibiotic, increasing its effectiveness.

    Urisan provides the necessary cranberries extract, 60 de mg – The highest concentration in Romania.

    The clinical efficacy of Urisan is redoubtable in the management of urinary infections.