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03.06.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 23

  • 03/06/2016
  • 03.06.2016 – PHARMACY CAMPAIGN 23

  • A 23-step program of National Availability Sun Wave Forte Pharma is dedicated Brand Endolex Forte, only five active ingredients formulated with no adverse effects in chronic venous disease.

    Chronic venous disease is a complex lesion severity and magnitude that affects the leg veins different. The manifestations of the disease may vary from the purely cosmetic, spider veins, heavy and tired legsedema up to suffering serious type of varicose ulcers.

    Treatment in the early stages is like other illnesses, the best solution, often the only solution – Endolex Forte run for four months, reduce leg circumference by 1.5 cm and by 1 cm the ankle circumference.

    The clinical effectiveness of the product is formidable management Endolex Forte chronic venous insufficiency.

    The first symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, recommended him to the best – Endolex Forte!