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20-21.03.2015 – Farma Practic

  • 25/03/2015
  • 20-21.03.2015 – Farma Practic

  •   Our stands were located in a very accessible position and our presentations contained valuable information about the products and most importantly had impeccable graphics; all these advantages helped us become with ease the participants’ center of attention who then asked us additional information about the company and our products; the team was ready, as usual, to offer gifts, samples and brochures about our main products (FluEnd and SunVita Gold); also we presented our media projects specially designed to support the products recommendation (broadcasting two radio commercials: ZU and 21 online campaigns and appearances in magazines).

      Our participation in these scientific meetings aims to inform our collaborators about the latest products from our portfolio and to reinforce the belief that we deserve to become the No. 1 recommendation.

      Our team, this time represented by colleagues from Bucharest and IF, DB and GR counties has performed flawlessly and we want to thank them for that! We have shown that we are united, involved, serious, and ambitious and we all have the same goal – to bring the Pharmacy Division on astounding heights!

      We are sure that with the perseverance we are characterized by and through hard work we will achieve our objectives in the shortest time and future conferences will have the same success.