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23-26.09.2015 – Medical Rehabilitation Congress, Sibiu County

  • 23/09/2015 - 26/10/2015
  • 23-26.09.2015 – Medical Rehabilitation Congress, Sibiu County

  • Held from 23rd to 26th September 2015 in Sibiu, the 38th Annual National Congress of Medical Rehabilitation brought into medical practice attention both progress and adaptation to modern concepts of current medicine. The event reached its highest quality standards in terms of scientific content, a fact noted and appreciated by the participants. Sun Pharma Wave by its Derma-Rheumatology Division had another opportunity to be close to the doctors, our partners. Being represented by a very competitive team once more, we had the occasion to note that our products, destined for this specialty were widely known among physicians. They visited our stand and gladly shared their clinical experience with our products. We managed to strengthen our relationships with the doctors already visited and to make new acquaintances. We’re glad we had the opportunity to rise again to the expectations of the event and we are preparing for the next stage of this event.