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24-26.03.2015 – Treatment decisions in the context of neuropathy and stroke

  • 30/03/2015
  • 24-26.03.2015 – Treatment decisions in the context of neuropathy and stroke

  • The organization of these continuing medical education conferences aims to present to physicians detailed information about our products – the mechanism of action and different interactions between the natural purified and standardized substances. Furthermore, presenting the clinical studies showing the beneficial effects without side effects is of major importance.

    The CME from Constanta took place on 24th of March in the conference hall of Hotel Zodiac. In attendance were a total of 78 doctors of which 31 Neurology and Diabetology specialists.

    The first presentation – “Treatment decisions adapted to neuropathy” explained the benefits of Vitalin Plus and Tiolin Complex administration. The presentation of clinical studies had a major impact on participating doctors.

    The second presentation – “Treatment decisions adapted to stroke” explained in detail the benefits of Neurovert administration in post-stroke recovery of the patients, a disabling condition that generates massive costs to the patient and the state.

    The CME from Bucharest-the only organized here, took place on 26th March at Hilton Hotel. Our two presentations – “Neuropathy impact on patients” and “Therapeutic approaches in stroke” were held in front of a number of 57 Neurology and Diabetology specialists that attended the event.

    We are very sure that the positive effects will not delay to appear for the Neuro-Diabetes Division, considering our Constanta and Bucharest teams’ high level of professionalism. We want to thank the speakers and doctors that attended our event and last but not least let’s not forget that: “Health comes from the nature with all knowledge”!