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29.09.2015 – Neurology Conference

  • 29/09/2015
  • 29.09.2015 – Neurology Conference

  • We are and we must be in a continuous ride in which we want to achieve the level of excellence and perseverance in resisting tough competition dynamics. Driven by desire and courage and after only a short period of time as members of a championship team – Sun Wave Pharma, we assumed fully promoting science-based and organized presentation “THE IDEAL CO-PRESCRIPTION WITH STATINS – FLAXIVERT. The event took place in Tg-Mures – Privo complex, a special location in the presence of 13 doctors and a leader of opinion, an extraordinary professor of cell biology.

    Flaxivert presentation was presented with an emphasis on the benefits of our clinical trials, and then he continued with the exposition of seven herbal extracts, through pictures and a rich package of information about oil composition. The end of the presentation has shown us the attention and interest of our doctors, which intervened with questions.