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Bebe Sun – worldwide mothers community!

  • 26/09/2014
  • Bebe Sun – worldwide mothers community!

  • We have created a special place where we will enjoy together the birth of your little angel and we will address all sorts of topics that will help in the education of your children.

    We will grow and learn together a lot of great stuff! We will talk a lot about health topics, about how to get out of the less pleasant situations, about how to have fun with your children and how to educate them. We’ll talk about pregnancy, preconception and fertility with well-known gynecologists in order to provide you the best medical advice. We will discuss the most relevant issues regarding health, hygiene, nutrition, and psychology and child education.

    We do not want to replace any pediatrician or gynecologist – they must remain the main “counselors” – but we want to give parents the basic guidelines regarding health, treating various diseases, education and development of children.

    On the other hand, we want to stay close to mothers with fresh informations about pregnancy planning, we will talk about each stage of the pregnancy, what to feed, how do we get over the “weight” task and how to handle our life when there is a new member in the family.


    We are waiting for topics you want to be addressed, ideas or comments and if you have mothers around, spread the news about our community!