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Farma Practic Houston Conferences

  • 17/04/2015
  • Farma Practic Houston Conferences

  • Farma Practic – Houston Conferences are a series of regional conferences organized to accurately transmit information to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants on the most important topics in the pharmaceutical system.

    Each edition of the conference Farma Practic includes debates about the peculiarities and challenges of the profession, as well as presentations about new products on the market. At Farma Practic Houston conferences, the Pharmacy team is the main sponsor and has a very good stand location and product presentations in each of the two days of the conference (Friday and Saturday).

    The products which are the subject of the presentations are among the newly-released and important due to their addressability: Stresclin lactium – a natural and ideal solution against stress, insomnia and anxiety, and SunVita Gold – the optimal complex of vitamins and minerals needed to support the physical and intellectual capacity of the body. It is worth mentioning that all our products are premium unique in the pharmaceutical market in Romania, enjoying original and innovative concepts.

    Stresclin lactium is unique in Romania and is the only product that has lactium as its main active substance – a milk protein hydrolysate with psychological relief natural properties, which attenuates mental tension, stimulates memory, reduces agitation and improves cognitive processes.

    SunVita Gold is composed of 29 vitamins and minerals that help maintain healthy skin, normal blood vessels, skeletal system, the nervous system, maintaining mental health, reduces fatigue and exhaustion, maintains normal function of the muscular system, and strengthens the immune system.

    The purpose of our presence at these conferences is to continuously inform our partners about new projects, strengthening existing relationships and developing new relationships.

    Each edition brings together over 200 pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and a great success. Our relationships with our partners have settled and we want to achieve such success in the future, because our common goal is to multiply the things done well. We proved once again that teamwork and communication are a key element.