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  • 15/09/2016

  • Today, September 15, 2016, Sun Pharma Wave proudly announces the launch of the media campaign FluEnd® BLOCKBUSTER.

    The FluEnd® media campaign is decline on different communications media TV, radio, indoor, outdoor, online. Thus people will discover with us that health comes from Nature and our Natural, Safely and Effectively products, will bring joy on their faces.

    Sometimes we need a reliable helper from start to unravel us alone! Because often, the solution is in us!

    So at the first sign of a flu: with a reliable helper, our body can make itself better!

    FluEnd® activates our immune system to fight with cold, day and night!

    FluEnd® was created specifically to act effectively and safely to combat general bad state induced by cold.

    By the ingredients contained, FluEnd® contribute to the normal functioning of the body’s natural defense mechanisms, especially in the respiratory system.

    Administered since the first signs of cold, FluEnd® strengthens the immune system, provides fast and efficient support to reduce the duration and intensity of symptoms of cold.



    Helps YOU make yourself better