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MYO-SUN®PLUS, continuing a successful brand!

  • 21/09/2016 - 24/09/2016
  • MYO-SUN®PLUS, continuing a successful brand!

  • The 11th Congress of Clinical Endocrinology Association in Romania took place in September 21st-24th 2016. Endocrinology-Gynaecology Division attended with a symposium during the congress, supported by Dr. Roxana Roșca, MD Endocrinology, Head of Department of CI Parhon Hospital.

    The benefits of highlighted products: 4 BONES®PLUS and MYO-SUN®PLUS have sparked interest amongst the large number of present doctors due to studies presented.

    During the 4 days, discussions with doctors focused on the new formula of MYO-SUN® namely MYO-SUN®PLUS and the many benefits of N-acetyl cysteine and Vitamin D3, as well as innovative replacement of folic acid with the last form of biologically active folate, Quatrefolic®.

    Most of our collaborators in different areas of the country have become nostalgic with the occasion of seeing the city and the place where they studied, the congress taking place right in the University of Medicine in Craiova.

    Certainly the information provided by our colleagues at the presentation stand, reinforced with the utility of the studies presented will reinforce Sun Wave Pharma’s image in it’s role: Making Tomorrow Healthier.


    Liliana Moțiu

    Area Sales Manager

    Endo-Gynaecology Division