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Message from CEO

Yogish Agarwal, CEO Sun Wave Pharma

Nature Cares & Nature Cures

Nature as we all know is not just beautiful but also a great provider of practically every basic need, be it Air, Food, Water, Shelter or even unlimited Wealth & Energy.

Nature also cares to cure from various ailments, SAFELY.

Sun Wave Pharma is committed to bring the benefits of NATURE at the doorstep of everyone in Romania and East Europe.

Sun Wave Pharma  endeavors to honor this commitment through International Quality Natural Medications, produced at the best manufacturing facilities.

Sun Wave Pharma  also clearly understands that Doctors alone can know the correct nature of disease and decide on the right Medication, that is Effective yet safe.

Sun Wave Pharma  is marketing Natural & Nutritional Products to Doctors through 254 Field Executives.

We market a wide range of Natural products in the field of Gastroenterology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Urology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Psychiatry, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Rheumatology, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Pulmonology and Oto-Laryngology through 9 Strategic Business Units across Romania.

We are proud that we have achieved the number one position in Romania in 2014 in the segment of alternative medicine and we want to strengthen this leadership position in the coming years.

We always remember what Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Wealth Only with Work,
Knowledge Only with Character,
Business Only with Morality