Novalac 2

Milk powder for infants after the 6th month of age


Proteins:Novalac 1 contains a whey protein / casein ratio similar to breast milk with a value of 80/20 for optimal growth. High content of taurine Contains essential amino acids.
Lipids:Essential fatty acids: linoleic (Omega 6), α-linolenic acid (Omega 3) the recommended ratio 1.10, special blend of vegetable oil, taurine, carnitine, soy lecithin, inositol, choline – for easy absorption of fats.
Carbohidrates:70% lactose; 30% maltodextrine easily digestible, for persistent satiety
Oligosaharides:Lactose stimulates  Lactobacillus bifidus growth,  intestinal bacteria with a proven role in human body defense (probiotic effect)
Polisaharides:Maltodextrins regulates blood glucose causes persistent satiety, promotes intestinal absorption of Calcium

Average graph food :

Age (month)



Weight (kg)



Meals a day



Units per meal



Boiled water (ml)






* as part of a diverse diet. Number of meals and the amount of milk the baby at every meal time should be adapted to its appetite considering medical advice.



Method of preparing the bottle

• Always wash hands before preparing bottle. Each meal should be prepared individually. Only use the measuring spoon in the box. Milk should be consumed within one hour of preparation.
• Wash and sterilize bottles, teats and all the utensils you are going to use.
• Boil plain water for 5 minutes and then allowed to cool to 40 C.
• Pour enough water in the bottle ( see average eating chart directions) .
• Add the right amount of milk, using only the measuring teaspoon from the box. Always use a measuring spoon race 30 ml of water.
• Close the bottle using a plastic lid and shake until the powder dissolves completely. Remove the cover and replace with a sterilized teat.
• Let it cool down to a temperature of 37 C. Test temperature by applying a few drops on the wrist. Any residue left in the bottle should be discarded.

Milk powder for infants after the 6th month of age