Novalac AD

Milk powder for infants with diarrhea, loose, abundant, frequent stools


• Monosaccharides (glucose + fructose) + lipids rich in medium chain triglycerides (TCM) = rapid absorption and readily available energy
• Slow sugars (maltodextrin + starch) = Sustainable Energy
• Does not contain β-lactoglobulins = to avoid risks of allergic
• Do not contain added sucrose intolerance = risk reduction
• Does not contain lactose – lactose intolerance is a common problem fast in children with acute diarrhea
• It does not contain gluten – gluten allergy results in a gluten-sensitive enteropathy, which is a cause of chronic diarrhea
• Does not contain soy protein – known to be allergenic potential
• Sweet taste, since it contains fructose (high sweetness value)
• Fruit taste (apple and banana powder contains): helps fight anorexia associated with diarrhea
• Due sources fibrous pectin (apple and banana) and starch (rice shoots) texture seat becomes normal (not aqueous)
• Limited concentration of Iron: iron is responsible for the increased susceptibility to infection by favoring the proliferation of certain pathogens such as Enterobacteriaceae during diarrhea


Average graph food :

Age (month)



Weight (kg)



Meals a day



Units per meal



Boiled water (ml)






* as part of a diverse diet. Number of meals and the amount of milk the baby at every meal time should be adapted to its appetite considering medical advice.



Method of preparing the bottle

Always wash hands before preparing bottle. Each meal should be prepared individually. Only use the measuring spoon in the box. Milk should be consumed within one hour of preparation.
• Wash and sterilize bottles, teats and all the utensils you are going to use.
• Boil plain water for 5 minutes and then allowed to cool to 40 C.
• Pour enough water in the bottle ( see average eating chart directions) .
• Add the right amount of milk, using only the measuring teaspoon from the box. Always use a measuring spoon race 30 ml of water.
• Close the bottle using a plastic lid and shake until the powder dissolves completely. Remove the cover and replace with a sterilized teat.
• Let it cool down to a temperature of 37 C. Test temperature by applying a few drops on the wrist. Any residue left in the bottle should be discarded.

Milk powder for infants with diarrhea