Hypertonic saline solution


  • As the solvent for inhalations
  • For nasal hygiene​

Directions for use:

  • detached single dose and  openet by turning the upper part. After sales, the top can be used as a stopper.


  • Sodium chloride – 3 mg purified water qs ad 100 ml.

Acute bronchiolitis, a viral disease, commonly occurs in children especially during cold. Treatment is primarily to support, consisting of maintaining the an optimal hydration and oxygen administration. Recent studies have shown efficient administration of hypertonic saline in children hospitalized suffering from acute bronchiolitis.Hypertonic saline inhalations led to clinical improvement and shortening hospitalization. Therapy with saline inhalations hypertonic works by increasing airway hydration, reducing mucosal inflammation, improving the rheological properties of eliminating phlegm and mucus acceleration.
Solvent for inhalations
– If bronchiolitis, respiratory viral infections: inhalation recommend 4 RespiSun ml of 3 to 6 times a day. In mild cases the dose may be reduced 2-3 ml liquid volume inhaled. It can be used together with drugs bronchodilators. Before associating with certain drugs for inhalation, read the product instructions.
For nasal hygiene
– Tilt your head back. Insert tip into the nostril and press unit dose Lightly single dose, to a first nostril and then the other. Head is moving, it drain mucus and then wipe his nose. Do not blow your nose strongly than after 10 minutes of use of the product. To be used when needed.

Hypertonic saline solution