Fluend Inhaler

Helps decongest the nasal mucosa.


  • Rinse with water and dry the device before and after use.


  • 0.5 l of boiling water poured into the bottom of the inhaler.

Add 30 drops of Fluend inhalant. Place the inhaler on a flat surface, cover with the top and lean over it in a seated position. Inhale the steam deeply through your nose or mouth open for five minutes two or three times a day. Do not expose to cold after inhalation.

Fluend inhaler with inhalation Fluend help decongest the nasal mucosa.

Inhalation of vapors is a method used since ancient times to improve breathing, acting by removing accumulated secretions due upper respiratory tract inflammation. Removing respiratory secretions released thereby allowing normal breathing to take place.

Helps decongest the nasal mucosa