Portable Nebulizer

The portable nebulizer converts liquid medication in aerosols and spreads it evenly, facilitating absorption and speeding up healing.

The nebulizer uses mesh technology (latest in terms of portable nebulizers) produces constant particles, at relatively high power (0.2-0.6 ml / min) and low residual volumes.


 Why Sun Medical Nebulizer?

  • Compact, lightweight, quiet and easy to use
  • Uses the piezo-electric vibration to convert liquid medication into fine particles that reaches the respiratory tract and oral cavity. Maximum efficiency in the distribution of the particles.
  • High rate of nebulization, which provides the optimal duration of treatment
  • Loss of active substance is minimal VERSUS other nebulizers
  • Use any type of drug, including suspension type
  • Portable, hygienic, easy to use and maintain

Compact and easy to use