Hold Beaker cup with straw Toddler

Noggin has a very soft silicone straw provided with anti flow valve

• Straw slides inside mugs for a perfect hygiene

• Due cup is very easy to keep the kids

• Mobile cover protects the straw when the cup is not in use, while avoiding leakage



• Do not put the cup in the microwave for no reason

• Wash only with warm soapy water

• Sterilize the method of cold water only, sterilization of the solution using manufacturer’s instructions.


Use and Care 

• It is recommended that all parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before use

• Clean with warm soapy water and dry with a soft towel. Components to avoid using abrasive sponges and strong cleaning agents

• Store in a dry, covered, away from direct sunlight


For your child’s safety and health:

• Do not let children use this product than the close supervision of an adult Subs

• The child should be seated securely while drinking

• Keep your cup from children when not used, because small parts can be swallowed and there is risk of suffocation

• Carefully check all parts before each use. Throw cup at the first signs of damage or wear

Recommended for children over 12 years

With anti flow valve