Free Flow Teat – Slow Flow

Normally contained some volatile silicone. All teats silicon Sun Child pass through a special process for the treatment and post-production testing to ensure that the volatile compounds are found in negligible amounts. This makes teat Sun Child safe for your child.

Nipple Sun Child is a unique anti-colic system with a built-in air chamber improves air sucking through the initiation aspiration faster than similar products therefore allows a balanced flow of liquid extraction with minimal effort.

Storage and Care

It can be washed safely in the dishwasher (top shelf only), sterilizable
It is recommended to boil silicone nipple for five minutes before first use
Store in a dry, covered


Sterilize and check teats before each use
Teats should be discarded if worn, damaged or perforated
Nipple not be used as a substitute for the pacifier

Normally contained some volatile silicone.