Forehead temperature measurement


  • The thermometer is designed to measure the temperature body forehead area without direct contact with the home or hospital, both children and adults.

Methods of measuring temperature: 

  • Forehead temperature measurement – accurately measure temperature of the forehead, replacing the thermometer traditional mercury or electronic
  • Temperature measurement object – measured surface temperature of different objects, the environment surrounding water bath, the temperature of the milk … etc


The product has passed internal tests and safety durability, the median time to occurrence of failure> 1000 hours

  • Body temperature measurement range: 32 to 42.9 degrees C
  • Object temperature measurement range: 0-100 ° C
  • The product has passed performance standards thermometers
  • Infrared measurements set by the EU for clinical repeated measurements, differences +/- no more than 0.3 degrees C
  • After the measurement, if the thermometer is not used, will automatically stand by the 30s +/- 5s and the display will show the time and ambient temperature
  • The thermometer can store 32 measurements
  • For temperature measurement objects, the light is green
  • To measure body temperature:
  • From 36.3 to 37.9 degrees C – Light Green
  • 38 to 42.9 degrees C – red light

Operations prior to use: 

  • Put the batteries in the battery compartment and press
  • Start / Scan to start thermometer
  • Press C / F to select temperature units of speech
  • Click the “Sound” to turn on / off the sound of camera


Select the method of measurement: object or person

Forehead temperature measurement