Mihai RuseAlways Closer to Success

Mihai Ruse: Passion, Determination, and Leadership Lessons

In 2014, after a brief period of working in marketing and advertising, I decided to make a change and enter the field I had been dreaming of for a long time: Pharma.

Ever since I was little, I enjoyed helping people. I wanted to connect with them and socialize as much as possible. Sun Wave Pharma offered me the opportunity to turn my passion into a true development opportunity for myself and my career.

My journey with SWP

I started as a Medical Representative and discovered a fascinating and highly motivating work environment. The determination and vision of SWP, the desire to become an increasingly powerful company, and the passion with which they succeed in creating a “healthier tomorrow” for millions of people were the values that guided me throughout this journey.

After two years of building a solid foundation and achieving increasingly higher objectives, I moved on to the position of Area Sales Manager. It was a new role with greater responsibilities, which I embraced with enthusiasm to create a high-performing team, develop individuals, and gradually build my ascent in this field.

Challenging moments and how we overcome them

The early stages of a career can be very tough. Over time, I have experienced many significant achievements, but they were not without their difficult moments. How did I overcome them? How did I manage to “multiply” success?

I took action, made mistakes, and learned.
I took action, succeeded, and learned.
But it all happened through communication and action as a TEAM!

I strongly believe that if you have the right PEOPLE by your side and if you don’t always choose the easiest path, no one and nothing can prevent you from achieving success, growing, and becoming a better person in every way.

I aimed higher, and I reached further.

In 2023, I took the next step and undertook an extremely ambitious and challenging project: the Ophthalmology Division of SWP. Assuming the position of Business Unit Manager of the new division makes me proud that I have advanced in my career by doing what I love, what I am passionate about, and what I have been educated for: helping people, providing them with solutions, and being there for them. When you enjoy the support of a strong team, when you have people who constantly believe in you, any dream can become possible – no matter how big, challenging, or crazy it may seem.