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The antibiotic’s concurrent ally



Certain factors, such as some medicines (especially antibiotics), unbalanced diet, stress, excess of unsuitable food, change of environment during travel, can cause an imbalance in the intestinal flora.
Sporsun contains Bacillus clausii to ensure a supply of live microorganisms.
Bacillus clausii is a Gram-positive, spore-forming, non-pathogenic bacterium that can survive in the acidic environment of the stomach and that colonizes the intestine even in the presence of antibiotics.
Spores have the advantage of being heat stable, able to withstand the low pH of gastric juice, and products containing such spores can be stored at room temperature without losing their properties.


5 reviews for BIOSUN SPOR (5.00 rating)

  1. drutu Madalina

    Sunt foarte bune. Te ajuta dacă treci printr o perioada stresanta, dacă ai o dieta dezechilibrata. Recomand

  2. Ana Bocancea

    Excelente ,recomand

  3. Alexandra Voicu

    De curând am fost nevoită să iau un tratament cu antibiotic, astfel că BioSun Spor mi-a fost de maaare ajutor. 🙂

  4. Claudia Branisteanu

    Am luat un tratament cu antibiotic și au fost perfecte, pentru că nu mi-am mai dereglat flora intestinală.

  5. madalinab

    Excelente dupa un tratament cu antibiotice, reglează flora intestinală

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