Esentin Kids

Protected liver– protected child


Phyllanthus niruri – helps the normal functioning of the liver
Tinospora cordifolia:
• helps maintain liver health
• supports the normal functioning of the liver
Emblica officinalis: natural source of vitamin C
Ocimum sanctum: helps in optimal digestion
Picrorhiza jurroa
• stimulates bile secretion and elimination of bile in the duodenum
• supports normal intestinal transit
Embelia ribes
• contributes to the normal evacuation of intestinal gases
• helps maintain appetite


Phyllanthus niruri

80 mg

Tinospora cordifolia

60 mg

Eclipta alba

40 mg

Emblica officinalis

40 mg

Ocimum sanctum

40 mg

Picrorhiza kurroa

20 mg

Embelia ribes

20 mg

Andrographis paniculata

20 mg


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