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Welcome to the scientific and expert world of nutraceuticals from Sun Wave Pharma and maintain your health, slow down aging and enhance your overall wellbeing!


A high level of medical credibility and trust is in the very heart of what we do every day.

At Sun Wave Pharma we cooperate with 235 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), respected medical doctors, professors at medical universities, heads of clinics and medical departments from all relevant medical specialties.

They provide us with relevant advices on our category portfolio and serve as medical specialty ambassadors. 60 top notch medical doctors participate in a Sun Advisory Board to help us be up-to-speed with the latest medical findings and research, thus proposing upgrades of our compositions, as well as innovations in each and every category where we operate.

We innovate, we collaborate, we invest in science, and we strongly believe that optimal health does not happen by chance but is a sustained process.


We will become the leader in nutraceuticals through working together and improving wellbeing throughout Eastern Europe


We make tomorrow healthier through innovative nutraceutical solutions


Presence in all East European markets

Ethical and compliance driven processes in all markets

Trained and dedicated people, committed to improving people’s health

Ethical and Compliance driven company

Respect & protection of people and the environment

Preserving health & safety

Protecting privacy and personal data

Integrity in managing company information

Protecting our image when using social media

Integrity in our business practises

Interacting with scientific community

Being transparent about our products